About Fisheries Central Library


The Department of Fisheries was established in the year 1907. The history of fisheries department, its development is thereon known widely only through its treasure house of knowledge of books viz., The Fisheries Central Library. This technical library boasts holding rare collection of books on Fish and Fisheries domain.

At present, this library is digitalized and converted to e-library which is present in the Fifth Floor of the Office of Director of Fisheries, Nandanam, Chennai. The library covers 1043 square metres with reading hall, audio visual hall, information cell, storage section metadata centre and cloak room. Library is updated with integrated library system software, RFID technology, and check in check out using biometric card, security gate, online public access catalogue and institutional repository for e-resources.

The library possess more than 15,000 Books/Journals are arranged in double sided steel racks as per the classification numbers. The open shelf system is adopted as user friendly means for journals, magazines and newspapers. The library is well equipped with comfortable reading tables with air - conditioned facility and also has access to computers with internet facilities. The research publications, newsletter, annual reports of CMFRI, CIFNET, CIFRI, CIBA are received regularly in the Library. The library follows its motive. i. e., making available the right information, to the right user, at the right time.

Notable Books/research paper available

The department treasures valuable books of James Hornell and Sir Francis day which are available only in this library.

  • Sir Francis Day, the famous Ichthyologist (1878) has written books on Fishes of India in the seas of India, Srilanka & Burma.
  • Mr. James Hornell, Marine Biologist, also the Director of Fisheries during 1907- 1922 has written books on Fisheries of Madras Presidency and his valuable findings have been stored as “Madras Fisheries Bulletins”.
  • Bulletins from Vol-I to IX are very valuable & sacred documents to Fisheries, as they speak volumes on Pearl Fishery, Chank Fishery, Crafts and Gears of the State, Pulicat Lake and rare important fishery activities.
  • Another noteworthy collection is the Madras Journal of Fisheries (9 Volumes) which have a collection of research papers published in Inland & Marine Fishery sectors.
  • Books of FAO on Fishery Harbours other Marine regulations, Laws of the sea are referred often by visitors of this library.
  • Research on Pollution in Cauvery system, M&B reports are a treasure to researchers.

The library caters to the needs of all zoologists, Fishery biologists, researchers, students from all universities, colleges & research organizations.