Tamil Nadu Fishermen Welfare Board was established in 2007 with a view to ensure social security and wellbeing of fishers and labourers engaged in fishing and its allied activities. Tamil Nadu Fishermen Welfare Board headed by Chairman / Hon’ble Minister for Fisheries and the Director of Fisheries as Member Secretary and he will monitor the activities of Welfare Board. The Board shall consist of members nominated from time to time by Government of Tamil Nadu.

A total of 4.50 lakh fishermen / fisherwomen laborers’ are enrolled as members in the Board.

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Details of Welfare Schemes being implemented by the Tamil Nadu Fishermen welfare Board

Sl. No Details of Relief Assistance Relief /Assistance per beneficiary
(Amount in Rs)
1 Accident Relief   
  a)   Death due to Accident  200,000
  b)   Loss of both hands 200,000
  c)   Loss of both legs 200,000
  d)   Loss of one hand and one leg 200,000
  e)   Loss of sight in both eyes 200,000
  f)    Loss of one hand or one leg 100,000
  g)   Loss of limbs due  to Major injuries other than the above items 50,000
2 Death during fishing or after fishing due to reasons other than Accidental death 200,000
3 Fishermen Missing during fishing 200,000
4 Natural Death 15,000
5 Funeral Expenses 2,500
6 Assistance for Education to son and daughter of the Members Day scholar Hostellier
Boys Girls Boys Girls
  a) Pass in 10th Std 1,250 1,500    ---   ---
  b) Pass in 12th Std 1,750 2,000    ---    ---
  c) ITI and Polytechnic 1,250 1,750 1,450 1,950
  d) Bachelor Degree 1,750 2,250 2,000 2,500
  e) Post Graduate Degree 2,250 2,750 3,250 3,750
  f) Under Graduate Professional Courses (Law, Engineering,Medicine, etc.) 2,250 2,750 4,250 4,750
  g) Post Graduate Professional Courses 4,250 4,750 6,250 6,750
7 Marriage Assistance  Male Female
  a) Marriage Assistance to Member 3,000 5,000
  b) Marriage Assistance to son  / daughter of  a Member 3,000 5,000
8 a) Delivery @ Rs.1,000/- per month for 6 months 6,000
  b) Miscarriage 3,000
  c) Termination of Pregnancy 3,000

The Department of Fisheries always accords highest priority to improve the living standard of fishers in the State by implementing several welfare schemes. In order to ensure the benefits of welfare schemes reach the beneficiaries in the shortest span of time and in a transparent manner, the Government is crediting the financial assistance being extended under various welfare schemes directly to the Savings bank account of individual beneficiaries through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT).